Lab Head

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Eugene Higgins Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and Professor of Physics Phone: +1 (203) 432-7245

Postdocs and Fellows

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Postdoctoral Fellow Phone: +1 203-785-5138
Willy Aniset Nganfo Yifoue's picture
Postdoctoral Associate
Sabyasachi Sutradhar's picture
Associate Research Scientist Phone: +1 203-785-5138
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Postdoctoral Associate Phone: +1 203-785-5138
Yazgan Tuna's picture
Postdoctoral Fellow Phone: +1 203-785-5138

Graduate Students

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Graduate School Student Phone: +1 203-785-5138
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Graduate School Student

Undergraduate Students

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Undergraduate Student
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Student Employee
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Student Employee
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Student Employee
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Student Employee


Amer Al-Hiyasat's picture
Currently a graduate student at MIT (Former Research Associate)
Joshua Alper's picture
Assistant Professor Clemson University (Former Postdoc)
Ashley Arthur's picture
Scientist at Alexion (Former Postdoc)
Raj Basak's picture
Life Sciences Investor at F-Prime Capital (former Grad Student)
Susanne Bechstedt's picture
Assistant Professor McGill University (Former Predoc)
Brian Beitler's picture
Undergraduate Student
Aliona Bogdanova's picture
Research Associate at MPI-CBG (Former Postdoc)
Volker Bormuth's picture
Scientist, Sorbonne University (Former Predoc)
Hugo Bowne-Anderson's picture
Data scientist at Coiled (Former Postdoc)
Gary Brouhard's picture
Associate Professor McGill University (Former Postdoc)
Christian Bruchatz's picture
Research associate bei TU Dresden (Former Diploma Student)
Fernando Carrillo Oesterreich's picture
Head of Data Science CoE at Henkel (Former Postdoc)
Alvaro Crevenna's picture
Head of Microscopy, EMBL Rome (Former Predoc)
Özlem Demir's picture
Former Predoc
Stefan Diez's picture
Group Leader at TU Dresden (Former Postdoc)
Cerasela Dinu's picture
Professor at West Virginia University (Former Predoc)
Horatiu Fantana's picture
Project Manager at University4Industry (Former Predoc)
Amelia Farinas's picture
Former Undergraduate Research Assistant
Maria Feofilova's picture
Postdoctoral Researcher at ETH Zurich (Former Predoc)
Claire Friel's picture
Lecturer at University of Nottingham, UK (Former Postdoc)
Sujoy Ganguly's picture
Senior Engineering Manager at Unity Technologies (Former Postdoc)
Melissa Gardner's picture
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota (Former Postdoc)
Chris Gell's picture
Microscopist in the SLIM facility University of Nottingham (Former Postdoc)
Veikko Geyer's picture
Postdoctoral Associate, TU Dresden (Former Postdoc)
Regine Hartmann's picture
Technician, University of Queensland, Brisbane (Former Technician)
Jonne Helenius's picture
Scientist, ETH Zurich (Former Postdoc)
Anneke Hibbel's picture
Department Manager University of Zurich (Former Predoc)
Pei-Tzu Huang's picture
Postdoctoral Associate- Einav Lab Standford University (Former Predoc)
Frauke Hussmann's picture
Former Diploma Student
Annita Jannasch's picture
Akademische Rätin (Senior Scientist) University of Tübingen (Former Diploma Student)
Marzuk Kamal's picture
CEO & Chief Data Scientist at AeonX AI (Former Postdoc)
Khaled Khairy's picture
Scientist, Janelia Farm (Former Postdoc)
Hamidreza Khataee's picture
Postdoctoral Research Fellow- University of Queensland (Former Postdoc)
Anton Khmelinskii's picture
Group Leader, Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Mainz (Former Diploma Student)
Ioanna Kougianou's picture
PhD candidate at University of Edinburgh(Former Postgraduate)
Yin-wei Kuo's picture
Former Grad Student & Postdoctoral Associate
Wanyu Lei's picture
Graduate Student Yale University
Xin Liang's picture
Associate Professor Tsinghua University (Former Postdoc)
Maijia Liao's picture
Currently Assistant Professor at Northeastern University (Former Postdoc)
Anna Luchniak's picture
Senior Scientist at AstraZeneca (Former Postdoc)
Johnson Madrid's picture
Postdoc, Institute of Biophysics, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt (Former Research Associate)
Mohammed Mahamdeh's picture
Assistant Director of the Molecular Imaging Center/ Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital (Former Postdoc)
Jürgen Mayer's picture
Predoc, Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology, Barcelona, Spain (Former Diploma Student)
Catherine McGuinness's picture
Quality Assurance Manager Stoney Creek Brewery (Former Predoc)
Vikram Mukundan's picture
MEMS engineer at Formfactor Inc., CA. (Former Postdoc)
Ron Orbach's picture
Assistant Professor Bar-Ilan University (Former Postdoc)
Jacquest Pecreaux's picture
Group Leader, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of Rennes (Former Postdoc)
Heike Petzold's picture
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics | MPI-CBG (Former Technician)
Marija Podolski's picture
Senior Scientist at Fidelta (Former Predoc)
Magdalena Preciado-Lopez's picture
Scientist, Group Leader Cell Biology, Assay Development & Biochemistry Calico Life Sciences (Former Diploma Student)
Jan Ribbe's picture
Institute of theoretical Physics, University of Cologne (Former Diploma Student)
Ingmar Riedel-Kruse's picture
Associate Professor, University of Arizona (Former Predoc)
Henri Saleh's picture
Former Predoc
pablo sartori's picture
Principal Investigator Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) (Former Postdoc)
Ravi Sawhney's picture
Orthodontist (Former Predoc)
Erik Schäffer's picture
Professor of Cellular Nanoscience, Universität Tübingen (Former Postdoc)
Christoph Schiklenk's picture
Principal Investigator at Sanofi Deutschland (Former Diploma Student)
Claudia Schirmer's picture
Scientist, Biotechnology Center TU Dresden (Former Diploma Student)
Monika Kauer's picture
Max-Planck Group Leader, Caesar Bonn (Former Diploma Student)
Britta Schroth-Diez's picture
Microscopist, MPI-CBG (Former Postdoc)
Sonal Shree's picture
Postdoctoral Associate
Marko Storch's picture
Head of SynBio and Automation Synbicite (Former Postdoc)
Sarah Stratmann's picture
Patent Attorney (Former Diploma Student)
Isabelle Top's picture
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Anastasiya Trushko's picture
Former Predoc
Vladimir Varga's picture
Postdoc, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford (Former Predoc)
Haiyan Wang's picture
Associate Professor, Beijing Normal University (Former Visiting Scientist)
Marija Zanic's picture
Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University (Former Postdoc)