Positions available

Several Postdoctoral and Graduate positions available for experimentalists and theoreticians, for biologists, engineers and physicists. Undergraduates are always welcome!

Morphology of dendrites in neurons Dendritic branching determines how the neuron receives information from other cells or from the environment. How are branches formed? How do branch lengths & diameters change at branch points (are there scaling laws)? What sets the total number of branches? How does branching impact signaling function? We are focusing on the microtubule-based cytoskeleton and study the class IV dendritic arborization mechanoreceptors in flies as a model system. These cells have high complexity, similar to that of Purkinje cells in the mammalian brain, can be manipulated genetically using class-IV specific drivers, and are amenable to imaging in living animals. We are looking for postdocs with expertise in fly genetics, neurobiology, microscopy and/or theory. Graduate students with all backgrounds are welcome to join the project!
Mechanics of cilia and flagella Cilia and flagalla are motile organelles whose sinusoidal beating waveforms move fluids across cells or move cells through fluids. The key question is how the activity of the dynein motor proteins are coordinated in space and time to give the periodic beating patterns. We are using the single-celled alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii as a model system. Currently we are looking for graduate students to work on three projects: (i) the mechanical properties of axonemes and their constituent microtubules (bending rigidity, torsional rigidity, shear stiffness), (ii) how mechanical and genetic perturbations influence the shape and dynamics of the beat, (iii) the roles of the different dyneins and their regulators in determining the shape of the beat. 
Microtubule dynamics We have several projects using advanced microscopy techniques to study the mechanisms by which motor and other proteins influence the assembly and disassembly of microtubules.
Please e-mail your CV, a summary of your current research, a short statement on why you are interested in a particular projects, and the names of two references to jonathon.howard@yale.edu